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A fast paced thriller that places Addison, a burnt out nurse navigating her dating life, into a dangerous race to solve her whatever it is that her patient is hiding. This novel is full of conspiracy, lies, and secretes. Immersing the reader into a world were messages are hidden within music when played in reverse.

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Play it in Reverse

Thriller, 2023

What hidden messages lie inside music? Messages that compel people to commit murder… 

Addison Garver is a burnt out ICU nurse in desperate need of a break after years of working in a chronically under staffed hospital with code blue after code blue. Luckily, she has her best friend Veronica to turn to for moral support, therapy, and dating advice. 

On the brink of putting in her two week notice, her critically ill patient whispers something… cryptic… before going into cardiac arrest. Without any family to collect his belongings, Addison decides to take them home and what she finds propels her into a world of secrets, lies, and unsolved murders all while juggling her active dating life. 

When she begins receiving messages… threats… from an unknown sender, what seemed like a harmless conspiracy turns into a dangerous race.

Will she uncover what her patient was hiding in time? Or will she die trying?


This fast paced thriller places Addison in a conspiratorial world where Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz link up to create a dichotomous phenomenon known as the Darkside of the Rainbow.

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