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Welcome to Victoria Angelique's Author website!

I have been fascinated by writing for as long as I can remember. My writing journey began through music where I would make up song lyrics and eventually create entire songs, recording them on a 4-track tape recorder. As a teenager, I began writing stories with an emphasis on science fiction and fantasy. Life brought several distractions that pulled me away from writing and eventually pushed me into nursing school. However, writing always has held a place in my heart and in 2017 I completed a novel for NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month). While it was a big accomplishment, the book needed a ton of work, so I turned my focus on nursing. I began as a Float Pool nurse and soon shifted over into the burn specialty, specifically Burn ICU.

The dream of publishing a book never ceased and I decided to give it my full attention again. In 2023 I began outlining a novel which was hard for a lifelong pantser, and ultimately completed my novel Play it in Reverse.

This is just the beginning, as I have an endless amount of stories I want to tell. I hope you follow along on my writing journey and I appreciate your support.

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Play it in Reverse is coming at the end of 2023!

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